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Idea for Efficient Cell Image Compression

1 minute read



Pathology and histology slide images are taken with extremely high resolution cameras, resulting in:

  1. High cost of storage
  2. Bandwidth issues while transporting images

It is important to note that these images often rely on lossless compression, because any artifacting will result in a lowered ability for the doctor to give accurate results.

Example of a cell image.

Proposed Solution

In most regions of the body, neigboring cells looks alike to the cells bordering it. I propose the following solution to compress the images:

  1. Segment the image into distinct cells.
  2. Take a dot product of the matrix of cells with itself (ATA) to figure out which cells are most similar to other cells. I call these “reference cells”.
  3. Store a set of deltas for all other cells in terms of rotations, translation, and transformations.
  4. Apply further compression using any standard algorithm to the deltas themselves.

Example of “reference” cells.

A set of deltas in a binary format would be better than a large amount of pixels and allow for better compression.

I attempted to do something along these lines on GitHub here, but had to stop development due to time constraints. Hopefully I can continue this down the line! Read more


Understanding HL7 Structure

6 minute read


What is HL7

HL7, more formally known as Health Level-7, is a standard used in the healthcare industry to transfer clinical and administrative data. Much like many SaaS services “speak JSON”, healthcare applications “speak HL7”. Read more


Making a Self Driving Car - Part 1

8 minute read


I just graduated from the University of Pittsburgh and have some time to relax before starting my job, so my dad and I decided to build a self-driving car. We think we can do it, and even if we can’t, at least we’ll learn some cool stuff while doing it. The goal is to start simple and build as we go. Read more