This is a page for my talk given at FCHacks 2017 at Fox Chapel High School on March 25th, 2017. I will add more detail here after the hackathon!


Get the data from here (right click, save as).


  • Python 3.5.X


  1. Open your terminal/command prompt.
  2. Verify Python 3.5.X is installed by running python -V (or python3 -V for systems where Python is alt-installed).
  3. Create a folder to run the project in (this is where you should save the data from above).
  4. Install virtualenv using pip install virtualenv.
  5. Install and activate your virtual environment.
    1. Install: virtualenv venv
    2. Activate:
      • Linux/Mac: . venv/bin/activate
      • Windows: venv\Scripts\active
      • (you’ll now have a running virtual environment. Execute deactivate at any time to leave the venv.)
  6. Install the following packages via pip (By running pip install package-name):
    • ipython[all]
    • numpy
    • pandas
    • scikit-learn
  7. Launch your iPython Notebook using jupyter notebook --no-browser (on Python 2.7.X, this is ipython notebook --no-browser).
  8. Go to the URL printed on the terminal (example: http://localhost:8888/?token=99829e106fd00819d113c7a232a0fa343f8f265c04ea94b2).


If you’re on mobile, view the notebook here.

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These aren’t too helpful as the majority of this talk was interactive, but it gives an intro to ML. If you’re on mobile, view the slides here.

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